Is “Flipping” a Fad? A Closer Look at the Principles Behind Blended Learning

Here at APRIL, flipped classrooms are on our minds once again as we get ready for our upcoming Pedagogy Panel on Blended Learning. This Hung (2015) article recently caught my eye because it pertained to students learning English, and I’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence from instructors that recorded content (e.g. lecture capture, podcasts and […]

Making Space for the Learning that Matters Most

In fall of 2013, and again in winter term, 2014 Rutherford Galleria displayed fascinating sculptures  composed entirely of discarded books. As discussed in this Curious Arts feature about these student art projects, the sight of tattered books, destroyed in acts of creation, “evoked discomfort in exhibit goers.” Some artists themselves had to take a few […]

Alternatives to the Research Paper

As an intrinsically motivated undergrad, I did not really appreciate what an oddball I was until I began teaching undergraduates myself. Unlike me back in the day, many of my students did not complete their readings. Their library research was frequently (ahem) misguided. They weren’t always wound up about good punctuation in APA style either. […]