Panelists Highlight Better Blended Learning in Arts

On Friday March 4th, APRIL and CTL co-hosted the second of APRIL’s 2015-2016 Pedagogy Panels. Like our January experiential learning event, this second event, which focused on blended learning, brought innovative instructors together to talk teaching and learning in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. In his capacity as CTL director, Roger Graves kicked the […]

What is Experiential Learning?

Post-secondary institutions across North America are highlighting experiential learning to attract students, and improve their post-education employment prospects. It is widely evident in campus news reports, recruitment activities, and policy documents that higher education institutions, in both their teaching and research missions, are being compelled to draw on experiential practices to strengthen linkages between scholarly […]

Making Space for the Learning that Matters Most

In fall of 2013, and again in winter term, 2014 Rutherford Galleria displayed fascinating sculptures  composed entirely of discarded books. As discussed in this Curious Arts feature about these student art projects, the sight of tattered books, destroyed in acts of creation, “evoked discomfort in exhibit goers.” Some artists themselves had to take a few […]

Learning Outcomes Aren’t All Bad

A recent post to the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) blog got me thinking again about the role that learning outcomes have played in my own professional development as a teacher, and about some of the reasons why learning outcomes can get a bad rap among professors. There are some fair reasons why […]